Friday, January 12, 2007

Starting Life in Style

There is a growing number of parents and soon to be parents looking for modern digs for the nursery. Pale, pastel pinks and blues, though traditional, have been joined by large numbers of new, trendier colors that set the stage for streamlined modern design and serious style. Yolo color house paints offers a line called little yolo designed with little people in mind. The 0 VOC paint offers up a small but great palette of fun colors.

Babies respond to bold primary colors first and it takes a bit more time for them to begin recognizing subtler shifts in color. Some popular colors that stimulate baby are oranges, limey greens, yellows and blues. It is a myth that babies cry more in a yellow room, so don't pass on yellow for that reason alone.

You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery yourself so you need to use colors that agree with you and make YOU feel good too. If you're not comfortable in a setting with strong colors then remember that just a splash of bolder colors or even just using them as accents can go a long way toward stimulating your baby's visual development. The sight they'll love seeing the most, of course, is your face.