Monday, October 22, 2007

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Tile

Who knew your last bottle of Guiness could look so good? Vetrazzo glass tiles are made from all sorts of recycled glass and the color palettes are really, really nice. The tile also comes with a story so when you buy the tile you receive a certificate of transformation which tells you just where the glass in your tile came from. so clever.

Above the beautiful blue glass from discarded bottles of Skyy Vodka. Below the warm colors of Alehouse amber and I love the simplicity of the Hollywood Sage.

Check out for more info.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Red Hot

I just LOVE red, it's a fabulous color that gets your attention and even speeds up your pulse. Red has many different meanings across the world but the main keywords for this color are energy, stimulation, power, action and excitement. I like a little something red in every room if even just for a small pop of color like in the pictures below. The red kitchen above is so dramatic and probabaly a bit too much for most of us in day to day living, but I do like it!!

This darling house sitting by a river is charming, almost sentimental, in a story book kind of way.

A red painted door is said to bring good luck. In early america when people traveled by horse and carriage they had to stop often and a red door was a sign of welcome meaning they could stop there for the night. In Ireland a red door means you've paid off your mortgage! In Feng Shui red belongs to the element of fire and is the most auspicious of colors. The door into the home is where all good energy enters and so it is painted red to attract postive energy and prosperity.

more on red coming up

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Creating a sexy bedroom

If you want to raise the temperature in your bedroom, read on for some great tips and tricks. Creating a bedroom with sex appeal is easy to do using the right lighting, texture and color. Simple additions and proper placement of accessories can make all the difference. Color is important and though peace promoting shades of blue are a popular choice for creating tranquil environments, such as a bedroom, they do little for flattering your skin tone. However, mood enhancing ambient lighting, texture and color can pull it all together.

As for color on the walls, you can work with most any color however, warmer neutrals and more saturated colors like apricot, salmon, gold and stimulating reds add the heat factor. Purples and fuschias are passionate and magical. Sizzling red is dramatic and sexy aglow with candle light. If you want to create a sensual environment, stick with warm colors. The bedroom above in rich brown is sophisticateded and sultry. (picture from

Good lighting is essential. High voltage lighting is a mood killer and lighting with a dimmer switch is a great choice. Bed side lighting with low wattage is a must as is keeping the clutter at bay. Delighting the senses with texture, whether its tactile velvets, cool and delicious silks or sumptuously soft knitted blankets, add to the bedroom experience. Scented candles and music are great mood enhancers so be sure and have some of your favorite cd's handy.

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's been ages!

and yes, I'm still around but summer kept my son and I quite busy with wonderfully long days at the beach and a few road trips to fun CA spots. With fall upon us, I'll be more available to update this blog and bring you some more great information about color!

Above is one of my latest additions, 'family brown' , a good kick off for autumn!

I've been working on a post all about the color red, that coming up soon. And also have a couple of announcemnets coming about some new and exciting products I'll be working with here in the Bay area so please stay tuned!!