Sunday, February 18, 2007

Choosing colors you love!

Nailing down a new color scheme for your home may seem a bit overwhelming and it can be! If you're someone who tends to shy away from color but are yearning for a new look, or if you're someone who just loves all colors and can't decide on one scheme, then one piece of advice I can offer is to go look into your closet. In your closet you'll see your color preferences within your wardrobe. Here is Paris Hilton's closet. Most of us don't have someone color coding our closet for us but we can certainly see her color preferences here. These colors are also evident through out her home.

It's probably a good idea to try and stay somewhere within the color parameters of your wardrobe. If you look washed out in a yellow sweater then it's not a good idea to paint your bedroom yellow. If you still love yellow, even though you can't wear it, try adding some of the cheerful color in the way of accessories & art. If your wardrobe is full of neutral colors then you may want to stay in that realm, but you can experiment & add a little punch with accessories in bolder colors.

Before painting a new color scheme definitely buy some large paint chips and live with the color for at least a few days before you take the plunge.