Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Organization Ideas

I've had the word 'organization' on my mind lately because right now my home is just about anything but! De-cluttering and organizing is so important for our peace of mind. I definitely get stressed more easily when my home or workspace has grown wild and when I can't find what I'm looking for. Organizing isn't so hard to do but staying organized is challenging. Having a home for all of your belongings is key because when things don't have a proper home, they end up in junk drawers, under the bed and crammed into nooks and crannies just to get them out of sight. Letting go of the things we no longer use or need is another important component of staying organized.

For inspiration, below are a few pictures of some organized spaces.

and now a couple of closets...

and some other goodies... I love the inexpensive tension rod solution used for hanging spray bottles. So simple and effective. Getting your bottles of households cleaners etc off floor level gives you more space to store even more items. You can buy a tension rod at your local hardware store, bath bed and beyond or sears for all of about 4.00.

Now I'm going to get to re- organizing my pantry! I have some cutesy ideas I want to try out. Once I get it all picture perfect, I'll post a before and after.