Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fascinating Bioscleave House

Sometimes there are some real surprises waiting for me in my inbox. This morning, from ASID's Design Daily, was an article about a most interesting and unique architectural project that I want to share with you. This house is sure to raise many eyebrows, turn many heads and has already been creating a huge buzz in East Hampton, New York. Artists Arakawa and wife Madelin Gins designed the Bioscleave house (Life Extending Villa) to defy mortality and extend the human lifespan. The house is full of surprises with eneven and shifting floors, outlets, windows and other items are placed in unexpected locations all designed to challenge the inhabitant(s) and make him/her stop and think in ways they haven't thought before. The idea is that these sorts of challenges stimulate the immune system and thus extend the lifespan. Read all about this fascinating project and this interesting husband and wife design team, via the New York Times, right here.