Thursday, April 05, 2007

Green-the new neutral

Green is a popular color right now and I'm so glad! Green is youthful, fresh, energetic and it can be soothing. Sage green has been consistently used in creating the cottage look. Now avocado green is prevalent as is lime green. Hunter green has long been associated with wealth and paired with gold it is indeed very rich.

Green has recently been touted as the "New Neutral" and why not? In nature we see green everywhere and it's glorius. Right now in the San Francisco Bay area the hillsides are lush and sooo very green, it's beautiful and refreshing. Take a look at some of these pictures. We see green paired with black which is strong, dramatic and bold. We see avocado green in a boy's forest themed bedroom which is soothing and natural. Lime green with pink has always been a great and playful pair for girls of all ages. Green with red needn't only be for Christmas.