Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coming Up: Palette of the week

I'm going to try and offer up a color Palette of the Week, each week, featuring a color palette that works beautifully together. I'll be posting photos of interior and exterior accessories, furniture and art as well as home & office environments that are using the main color chosen for the week. You'll get the chance to see if that color would work for you or perhaps see a new way of working with a particular color.

The Palette of the Week can be used in home environments, print, graphic design, marketing and even in your wardrobe. I'll explain a little history on the main color and share information on the emotional and physical impact of that color.

If you have a certain palette you've been incredibly drawn to or feel works well for you, I'd love to see it and hear from you what those colors remind you of and how they make you feel. I may post your pictures here so other people can benefit from your color success. So, stay tuned and don't be shy!