Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Red Hot

I just LOVE red, it's a fabulous color that gets your attention and even speeds up your pulse. Red has many different meanings across the world but the main keywords for this color are energy, stimulation, power, action and excitement. I like a little something red in every room if even just for a small pop of color like in the pictures below. The red kitchen above is so dramatic and probabaly a bit too much for most of us in day to day living, but I do like it!!

This darling house sitting by a river is charming, almost sentimental, in a story book kind of way.

A red painted door is said to bring good luck. In early america when people traveled by horse and carriage they had to stop often and a red door was a sign of welcome meaning they could stop there for the night. In Ireland a red door means you've paid off your mortgage! In Feng Shui red belongs to the element of fire and is the most auspicious of colors. The door into the home is where all good energy enters and so it is painted red to attract postive energy and prosperity.

more on red coming up