Saturday, April 05, 2008

Inspiration Found

I was inspired by a post on Anna Spiro's lovely blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things where she shared images of a note card given to her by a close friend for her 30th Birthday. It reads, "She designed a life she loved" ~ so simple, so sweet. I just loved that and since I have an embroidery machine I whipped up a few hats with the quote on the front. I think they look sweet. I'll be giving a few away to my fellow classmates in my Architecture class at the end of the semester. I think they're going to love them.

Thanks to Anna! And her friend! I'm saving some hats for you both and will send them right away!
; ) It may take a few weeks via pony express to get to you in Australia but they will get there!!

Small, heartfelt gestures, like the note card, can go a long way. ; )

If you haven't visited Anna's Design Blog yet, then you really should check her out! ; )