Monday, February 25, 2008

Color by the Bay

After a long rainy weekend the sun is out again. ; ) Yesterday my son and I set out for a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the gorgeous blooms and colorful landscape. I took my camera with me. Here he is making a wish. ; )

I took a few pics to show off the beautiful colors , including magnolia blossoms, daffodils, birch trees and cherry blossoms etc. For those of you in cooler climates, this is proof that spring is near!

(I'm an amateur photographer but some of these turned out well enough. I hope you enjoy them. ; ) )

I so love where I live and feel fortunate to have had the experience of being here for my 10th year now

Yum. Does anyone want some fresh rosemary?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

99K House Competition

If you haven't yet checked out the finalists for the 99k house competition, you can see them and learn all about the contest here The homes are all 3 bedrooms, 1.5 to 2 baths, up to 1400 square feet (max ) and they must utilize green building practices. I wonder which one will win. They're all fantastic!

Great Reading Corners

I love cozy little reading corners or nooks. Here are a couple for inspiration.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bringing Nature In

We've had a lucky break in the weather and for the past week or so it's been sunny, warm and gorgeous. We're not into the clear just yet but the great weather has got me daydreaming about this years garden and what I might do differently than last year. In the meanwhile I found some great photos on and to inspire your indoor green thumb. Why not try an terrarium garden with moss, creeping fig or jade. Here is a great article with all the how to information to get you going.

Below are some beautiful succulents. They're easy to grow, make for interesting indoor arrangements and are great in outdoor rock gardens or used as edging on a pathway.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Black and White

On trend and always striking is the crisp and classic pairing of black and white. Any 3rd color can be added to this scheme and look fabulous. Above we see black and white living monogamously and also teamed up with a soft blue and some glamorous gold, all beautiful.


I just love the color green and am so happy to see it's popularity continue into 2008. Here are 3 bathrooms decorated with green.

Below more lovely rooms decorated in greens found on I love the porch with the white walls and green trim. So fresh.

And below are some some artwork samples I made for a young girls room in greens and pinks.

More Golden Finds

Nothing is more glamorous than gold! These porcelain stoneware tiles from Iris Ceramica are oh so beautiful and are finished with pure gold.
Below is tile from Iris Cermica's metal line