Friday, February 02, 2007

Add sparkle to a dark room with Metallic Paint!

Metallic paints can be used over an existing color to add shimmer and sparkle. There are millions of light particles within the paint which reflect the exisiting light so it is a great option for brightening up a dark room. You can use metallic paints alone or as a glaze and create a smooth finish or a textured finish by sponging and pouncing over the wet glaze. Metallics can be a tad difficult to work with but manageable once you learn a few tricks. There is a great article here that walks you through using metallic paint successfully.

There are many, many brands to choose from such as Behr,Benjamin Moore,Blue Pearl Paints and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

For a dark room, I suggest using a light base color, like sunny yellow, a light gold or a pastel color and apply the metallic glaze on top. Your room will feel much brighter and larger and the finish will have your friends talking!