Friday, January 12, 2007

Earth Friendly House Paints

With the green movement and so many companies getting involved in producing eco friendly products, I'm happy to introduce you to some eco friendly, low and no VOC house paints.

There are a few paint companies who have tackled the VOC issue with creating low odor, 0 or low VOC paints. Yolo Color House is a brand I have tried and have been extremely happy with. The consistency of the paint is smoothe and creamy and goes on like a dream. Also, it doesn't smell like paint!! Even pregnant women can use it as it is in the 0 VOC category and Green Seal Certified.

Sherwin Williams offer 2 lines of earth friendly paints with the Harmony Interior line and the Duration Interior Latex collection. The Duration line is low VOC while the Harmony line is 0 voc.

If you want to lower your exposure to indoor pollutants and green up your living space and the world you should really consider one of the above brands. Although they cost a bit more than traditional paints the lower VOC and low to no odor is well worth it.