Thursday, July 05, 2007

Retail Color Therapy!

When I need a little mood lift I know I can always count on a trip to Anthropolgie to deliver my spirits to a higher level! This is real color therapy in a retail setting. Full of exciting and energetic colors, this store is sure to treat your eyes to some colorful candy that will have you feeling more than just a little tempted to splurge.

During my visit today I picked out a few items to add to my own wishlist. I love the above chairs and any one of them would be welcome additions in my home!

The sparkle of the flourish mirror below adds a a lot of glam and would be great for reflecting light and color. Also below, a festive lampshade and some cheerful monogram tiles. Monograms, of almost any sort, make a great gift item and are a nice way of personalizing your space.

And finally, some lively kitchen linens that will make your kitchen soooooo happy!!