Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now That's Clever!

Check this out!

Send a postcard and a gift in one go. This Ice Star tealight holder comes packaged as a postcard. The holder is laser-cut in 4mm plywood and comes with a tealight, ready to light up. You canorder them right here.

Decorating with Black and White

Decorating with black and white can really pack a punch. It may be a current trend but it's also a classic combination that you can always count on for a touch of drama.

Plaster Wall Finishes

I 've been experimenting with American Clay's Earth Plasters this weekend. It's a green, non toxic natural clay material that you can use to achieve a venetian plaster finish. The color offerings are fantastic and it's not too messy to work with. So far I really love it! Check it out right here.