Thursday, September 04, 2008

Curve Appeal

I love seeing interior and exterior curved elements on a house. The curve, or arch, is feminine, soft, elegant and interesting and such a nice change from the commonly found square and rectangular shapes found throughout our homes. Trendir featured these ridiculously gorgeous curved kitchen islands by Alessi. Aren't they just to die for? Makes my kitchen seem so plain....

Women in particular respond well to curved lines and will notice and admire an arched doorway or window before their husband even notices it's there! Not to mean men don't like curves...I know plenty who do ( no pun intended ; ) ) but it's the feminine reflection that we women instantly relate to and appreciate. Creating an arched doorway within the home is fairly affordable and adds character and softness. Arched windows are lovely to look at. I prefer to see the arched section of the window uncovered and a window treatment ( if needed) only on the lower portion of the window.

There are other curved shapes to be had for fireplaces, stairways, tile with graphic or textured curves etc.

If you're headed towards a remodel you may want to give your house some curve appeal. You'll be glad you did!