Sunday, April 06, 2008

2nd Place: Red

Red came in 2nd place via the poll recently held here. Red is a fun color to work with and I certainly can understand how some may be reluctant to paint walls red for fear of it being overpowering or too loud. Above (top) is Benjamin Moore's Red Oxide, picture via Apartment Therapy. What a great looking room. The walls have such a nice warm glow yet the color does not overwhelm or overpower everything else in the room. 2nd from the top is Farrow and Ball's Blazer red. The walls aren't too loud as the navy area rug tones down the red and makes the room feel more grounded. Below is Benjamin Moore's Spring Tulip, a pink red. The color is much more pronounced and becomes the main feature of the room. It's a matter of personal taste.

Below are some nice reds from Benjamin Moore's Aura line, a low VOC paint.

I love the Pomegranite and the Caliente is nice too. There are several neutrals shown that would work well as companion colors. Using a muted or dulled red will prevent your walls from being too loud. First decide whether you prefer a yellow based red or a blue based red. The yellow based reds are warmer and some are shown on the top row below. Blue based reds are shown on the bottom row below.

If you've been wanting a red room or just a red accent wall then you should give it a try. Red walls envelop a room, making it feel cozy and intimate. A dining room is a great place to try red and subdued reds also work well in living areas. You should start with a duller red and go brighter or more saturated if you feel like it. It's easier to add color than to cover it up. Reserve your judgment of the red until you bring your furniture and accessories back into the room as those other items will make a big difference.