Monday, November 12, 2007

Can't Get Enough Brown

I receive so many emails requesting more pictures and advice on decorating with brown that I've compiled some photos from a variety or sources in hopes of providing some inspiration to those of you looking forward to decorating with this color. Without further ado, we'll start off with a designer who has this color name for his last name and who is a big fan of decorating with it, above photos from designer Kenneth Brown.

Below a beautiful pink and brown nursery found on

From one of my most favorite all time blogs with enough eye candy to get your design high on for days, below pics from Desire To Inspire,

From Southern Living,

From Apartment Therapy,

There is more but is being so painfully slow rght now uploading my's killing me!! will try again later!!

here we go again! : ) From Desigers Guild below is a lovely throw and some beautiful bedding. I really like the Ikebana bedding, immediately below.

here, brown with blue and a very popular pairing with turquoise,

this green and white room has an elegant and organic feel with the rich brown curtains,

a unique kitchen with mixed wood finishes,

Jill Clarkson, Color Consultant