Sunday, October 07, 2007

Creating a sexy bedroom

If you want to raise the temperature in your bedroom, read on for some great tips and tricks. Creating a bedroom with sex appeal is easy to do using the right lighting, texture and color. Simple additions and proper placement of accessories can make all the difference. Color is important and though peace promoting shades of blue are a popular choice for creating tranquil environments, such as a bedroom, they do little for flattering your skin tone. However, mood enhancing ambient lighting, texture and color can pull it all together.

As for color on the walls, you can work with most any color however, warmer neutrals and more saturated colors like apricot, salmon, gold and stimulating reds add the heat factor. Purples and fuschias are passionate and magical. Sizzling red is dramatic and sexy aglow with candle light. If you want to create a sensual environment, stick with warm colors. The bedroom above in rich brown is sophisticateded and sultry. (picture from

Good lighting is essential. High voltage lighting is a mood killer and lighting with a dimmer switch is a great choice. Bed side lighting with low wattage is a must as is keeping the clutter at bay. Delighting the senses with texture, whether its tactile velvets, cool and delicious silks or sumptuously soft knitted blankets, add to the bedroom experience. Scented candles and music are great mood enhancers so be sure and have some of your favorite cd's handy.

Sweet Dreams!