Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Life has been super hectic lately and I've been under the weather quite a bit with the flu and then a cold! urgh, now on the mend and I'll working on a mural next week for a client in New York. They're expecting a baby girl in April and want a forest theme. The image here is a 'rough' that I worked up in Adobe Illustrator but it's the general idea of the mural scene. The mural will be 6x6.5, a bit big to work on in my space so I'll be painting it at my teacher's loft, the Day Studios, in Oakland. I'll be posting pictures of my progress as I go along. I hope you will enjoy it and maybe get out your paint brushes too! Joe Anne Day will also be painting a large scale chinoiserie at the same time. She is the queen of chinoiserie painting and if she'll let me I'll post pictures of her work in progress too!