Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bold Yellows in Marketing and Advertising

Yellow can create a friendly and warm atmosphere but it can also be used to create an action oriented, high energy space. In marketing and advertising, we see numerous examples of using bright yellows to stimulate and activate humans. It's no coincidence that fast food giants such as Mc Donalds, In N Out, Wendy's and Burger King use a red and yellow color scheme. Red and yellow are both stimulating, activating colors. The combination is a call to action and movement. It is *fast food*, you're not supposed to linger and you won't want to when you're surrounded with such energetic colors. Yellow gets attention, such as the case with caution lights, construction signs and warning signs. Your brain sees yellow and gets the message to pay attention and be prepared to react.

Bright, bold yellow is a good choice for any environment where you want to add energy, such as in a health club, a home exercise room or a service oriented business that touts speedy service as a major benefit.

This is not to say that if you use yellow in your home that it will end up looking like a fast food restaurant! There are some wonderfully delicious and yummy yellows for use in the home that will make your home sunny, warm and happy. Look above for some inspiration and color schemes you might just fall in love with!