Monday, February 19, 2007

Color of the Week; Aquamarine

The first color I would like to feature in the Palette of the Week is the cool and refreshing aquamarine. The lovely blue green is one of my most favorite colors. Think tropical waters of the caribbean and imagine how it would feel to be slipping into that body of warm, delicious water right now. It's nice. Your worries fade away, your shoulders relax and you smile. This is a sampling of the emotional benefits of this color. Blue green is one of the most healing colors of all. It's revitalizing, destressing yet full of creativity and inspiration.

While I was on chemo, I would at times through out the day, and always at bed time, close my eyes and mentally saturate myself with specific colors. The side effects of the chemo would temporarily lessen and I was able to relax. I meditated on color and it was nice. You can use this color to help you relax. It's an excellent color choice for a spa like bathroom. It's a calming color which makes it a great choice for the rooms of lively and excitable children... after you talk them out of having red, yellow and orange, which will excite them even more.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. To wear an aquamarine stone is said to bring great luck to the wearer, promising wealth and happiness. Legend has it that giving the gift of aquamarine will insure long lasting love, and mutual respect and honesty.

How do you feel about this color?

More pics coming up showing this color in action. Stay tuned! ; )